Digital Transformation

We help clients use digital technologies to drive foundational change in how they deliver value to their customers.

As organizations scramble to meet the rapidly-evolving expectations of the Customer around products and services, they struggle to undergo a fundamental change predicated on the use of latest technologies.

We consider our clients’ digital transformation journey to be a radical rethinking of how they use technology, people and processes to radically change business performance, much more than the typical modernization efforts of moving from legacy architectures, on-premises systems and sequentially linear development methodolgies to API-driven microservices, the cloud, and agile.

Our core practice areas

Application Services

We develop applications utilizing software development best practices, innovations, and frameworks. We marry internet-age aesthetics with greater operational efficiencies of modern application architectures. Our implementation teams have the skills, knowledge, tools, and expertise to our clients a unique customer experience along with strategic differentiation, thereby making their business a lot more competitive. We are at the cutting edge of key technology paradigms and are radically transforming our clients’ IT environments to leverage next-generation technologies.

Cloud Transformation

Techlogix strategizes and builds software solutions utilizing next-generation Cloud technologies that help organizations undertake successful digital transformations of business processes and operating models, by moving to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other leading cloud platforms. With an enterprise-centric approach, we offer a range of services to revamp applications, data, and infrastructure enabling organizations to innovate quickly by cutting operating costs, increasing business agility, and reducing the time-to-market for new service or product offerings.

Enterprise Mobility

We strategize and build mobile applications on smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-enabled devices that help migrate organizations to a world where work-related information is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Business Process Management

We help organizations gain transparency and control of their business processes by implementing state-of-the-art solutions to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, and optimize business processes. For over a decade, we have been working with enterprise customers to improve their productivity, efficiency, and capacity to rapidly respond to ever-changing market conditions. We employ a methodology-driven transformation approach for incremental and continuous process improvement.

Data and Analytics

Techlogix helps clients in developing analytics-driven solutions that elicit timely, in-depth insights from data enabling them to drive smarter decisions and actions through their enterprises. We apply advanced data analysis techniques to both structured and unstructured corporate data to deliver use-case specific solutions as well as help our clients undertake full-scale analytics transformations. We have deep experience of implementing a wide array of data and analytics solutions – from traditional Data-warehousing / Business Intelligence to the latest applications of Machine Learning and cognitive computing.

Integration & API Services

Techlogix has deep expertise in designing and implementing integration strategies for our customers to enable them to reap the benefits of data synchronization…to functional application integration…to seamless and secure business-process integration and optimization.