Project Management involves the process of planning, organizing, and managing the activities needed to complete a specific project within set limits. Momentum utilizes skills, tools, and effective strategies to assist your organization in finishing projects on schedule and within the allocated budget.

Project Management involves skilled leadership, and at Solorithm, we take it a step further by ensuring not only the successful completion of projects but also advising on their consistency and reliability. 

Our Program Management team can assist you in planning and executing successful projects, as well as rescuing those that may be failing. We offer various program and project management methods, along with proven processes and collaborative tools, to meet your specific requirements.

Using our flexible, scalable, and proprietary Delivery Framework Approach, we consistently deliver sustainable and repeatable results that can be measured against your project objectives.

Our core practice areas

Simple Program Management

We offer resources to organizations for managing a specific project from start to finish, covering its entire life cycle.

PMO Recovery

We conduct assessments of organizations' troubled projects, identifying areas of improvement and offering strategic recommendations to guide them toward recovery.

Mentoring and Education

Employees play a crucial role in the success of your business's Project Management endeavors as they contribute their knowledge and skills. At Solorithm, we assist businesses in achieving success by developing and facilitating Project Management training and mentoring programs. These programs focus on instilling proper Project Management practices and implementing Project Management Methodologies (PMM) effectively. By investing in employee development, we aim to enhance Project Management capabilities and drive progress within your organization.

Enterprise Program Management

We assist organizations in establishing a Program Management Office (PMO) following internationally recognized standards and guidelines.

IT Project Management

Managing IT projects can be challenging due to the extensive resources involved. From software and hardware tools to data management and programming, various factors impact the success of an IT project. At Solorithm, we offer assistance throughout the development of IT projects, providing technical expertise, project management, requirements gathering, third-party testing, and implementation support.

Project Management Methodology (PMM) Development

Implementing a standardized methodology for Project Management is an important initial step in streamlining Project Management activities within a business. By establishing clear expectations and process standards, Project Management Methodologies (PMMs) enable companies to enhance repeatability and consistency in project execution. Solorithm supports businesses in developing their own PMMs, fostering a shared understanding of the project lifecycle and clearly defining roles and responsibilities within the organization. Through this approach, we assist in creating a cohesive and efficient Project Management framework that aligns with your business objectives.